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13/03/22 Red pot, GM weaps turney at BJV Tower!

Hello everyone,

a second great tournament has been organized by BJV, this time on Sunday, to have a huge presence of AoJ, as requested by our friend and enemy Grofus.

This time we have 12 duellers, and many more watching, including GM Nomad.

Tournaments sets off well, with this list of participants:

  1. Frosty [AoJ]

  2. Eliphas [AoJ]

  3. Jorah [AoJ]

  4. Deathlord [AoJ]

  5. Grofus [AoJ]

  6. bytheway

  7. Merlin [BJV]

  8. Myth the legend [WG^]

  9. Thalita [AoJ]

  10. One

  11. Cicero [Rt$]

  12. Sugarmomma [AoJ]

The first round sees the wins of Frosty over Eliphas, of Deathlord over Jorah (longest fight ever!), of Grofy over bytheway, or Myth vs Merlin, of One vs Thalita and of Cicero vs Sugarmomma.

But at this point it was already clear that there would also be a side event, started by not so WG^, Ursy, Chubbs and Fruce.

The second round of the tournament proceeded after a fight with the side eventers that managed to wreck havoc on some participants, before being banned from the event tower.

Now the second round could take place, with the side eventer EQ randomizer!

In this second round Deathlord defeats One; Grofus defeats Cicero and Frosty defeats Deathlord to reach Grofus in the final round.

Final round sees Grofus winning over Frosty to take first place which prize is a full official jester suit, a halberd of vanquishing +10 and a personalized trophy made by GM Nomad. Second place takes a full official jester suit and a NCD.

What about the side eventers?

Apparently they unlocked the ultimate UO nerd achievement of losing a tournament they did not take part to! UOSA is risky outside server wars...

A huge, huge thank you to McNito aka bytheway for having recorded and edited in a short video the whole event! You can find it here on his youtube channel. BJV thank you, respect!

Thank you everyone for making this event cool!

And long live UOSA!

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