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Blessed Jesters of Vintirex

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The Permit System

Buy permits to perform activities legally on UOSA!

BJV is selling permits for various activities: farming, lockpicking, taming, fishing, mining and other custom activities. By purchasing such permits you will be free to perform the mentioned activity, without having to worry about BJV killing or hindering you. Permit trade is performed in game from player to player, normally at BJV Castle.

You can purchase a permit if you meet us in game, or contacting members via discord, or preferrably using the web page request here below.

A new way to faster sell permits is now put in place at BJV Official Store, on the vendor at the front door.

There you will find half aprons for 40k that you will need to buy to FARM for one day, free from BJV. Remember to also buy the black part of the uniform and wear them as you farm.

Here are standard tarifs:

Daily farming permit (40k half apron)

Weekly farming permit (negotiated in game)

Monthly farming permit (negotiated in game)

Weekly lockpicking/fishing/taming/mining permit (40k half apron)

For further information, please contact us.

Illegal mining
Illegal mining

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Illegal lockpicking

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Illegal nerd dye bot running!

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Shopping is relaxing!

It was a quiet afternoon on UOSA. People were hiding in their houses, nobody was farming and BJV was ruling, sitting waiting for findings...

Fire Dungeon Invasion!

You have Fire Dungeon mob enhanced! Going from imps, through gargoyles, fire elementals and daemons. Each with a small chance of dropping...


How do you define domination? Is it when they donate you solid gold (silver in fact) spontaneously as they recognize your superiority,...

Keep the distance

It is 2022. How is it possible that people still has not learned to keep the distance? Covid, folks... covid hit UOSA! And BJV have...

This is what you'll get...

Karma Police, arrest this man! There was a time when this man and BJV were enemies but still respected each others. There was a time when...

The Stablemasters War

It was a cold winter night at BJV Castle when Leela, our assasin tamer recalled to Serpent's Hold west stable to refresh her pure...

Dungeon of the Day Event

Hello everyone! BJV are glad to announce that, as anticipated, starting on March 1st 2022, the event Dungeon of the Day begins! Each day,...

I Fought The Law and...

A cold and frosty morning, There's not a lot to say, About the things cought in my mind... Hear ye! Hear ye! This is how BJV latest great...

Some Action at WBB

A quiet morning in UOSA is never really a quiet morning. Our internal intelligence reported activities illegally conducted by new...

A Quiet Sosarian Night

It was a quiet night in Sosaria. Mob was asleep and safe, farmers where in their cozy homes, new players were skilling in the safe tiles...

Another Bone Container?

O to be a rares hunter! But, don't these rares hunters know hunting without a permit is becoming every day more dangerous? They are rich,...

An Unexpected Bone Container

Rares hunter, what a fascinating profession. You see their homes flooded with hundreds of candles, fruit baskets, empty jars, vases,...

No Permit? Goods confiscated!

This great tale of adventure starts at sea. But it is not about a fisherman, it is about a miner! A miner with no permit, particularily....


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UOSA Shard, Castle at BJV Town, east of Ice Dungeon entrance.

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