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A Quiet Sosarian Night

It was a quiet night in Sosaria.

Mob was asleep and safe, farmers where in their cozy homes, new players were skilling in the safe tiles of their small houses and everywhere reigned tranquility.

Out of the blue the ancient wyrm suddenly woke up, disturbed by the sounds of the hoofs of a horse. The horse was conducted by Asteria, a treacherous individual that was on a mission, at night, to harass Sid Vicious, the ancient wyrm protector! Soon the harasser was on the ledges, a dangerous place to stand on if you are not wary.

Our murderers Prince and Morpheous promptly intervened recalling to each side of Asteria. The trap could not be escaped, and the teleport ring attempt failed a few steps to the west.

Nobody would have noticed; nobody, because operations like this to stop illegal activities to be perpetrated are conducted every day in Sosaria. But something happened.

Asteria felt the need to spread fake news in general chat of UOSA.

Thank God, this is no 1984, and fake news can be countered with facts! No thought police here!

Normally, if it is 3am in your time zone, you give up, accept defeat, and get yourself a sleep. But again something strange happens.

And again…

And to prove BJV wrong, uber loot was shown for everyone to know…

The rant isn’t over yet. Asteria went on collecting more valuable loot, farming Yew Liches (without looting them, mind you), collecting counts for farming with fire field like the latest newb joining, and went to pay homages to BJV at castle, the only place you want to be if you play UOSA.

For argument’s sake, 10x each regs.

Not so fast, it’s not over yet.

We have the censored part too!

Bear in mind these events took place during Asteria’s night, between 3am and 6am, in a Monday night. This is an astonishing and marvelous way to invest time I dear say.

But when everything seems to be over, leaving us all with no explanation for such a behaviour, our agent Morph captured the piece of information, before it got edited and deleted or sent into oblivion!

What can we tell of Asteria?

‘She don’t like

She don’t like

She don’t like…


Thank you slow hand.


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