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An Unexpected Bone Container

Rares hunter, what a fascinating profession. You see their homes flooded with hundreds of candles, fruit baskets, empty jars, vases, anything that's on the menu!

Some rares spawn in guard zone, some others don't. Some rares spawn inside containers, some others don't. Enforcing the law on rares hunter is a hard job, because rares hunters live in a sort of Trammel bubble, always in guardzone, always inside a house, and only for a few seconds in a real Felucca ruleset! But here, when it comes to camping, BJV has no rivals!

Of all the rares out there, there is a highly sought one, that is the bone container that spawns in dungeon Covetous. In a container, outside guardzone.

The plan is to trap the container so that unexperienced rares hunters could fall for that! Our agent Indian is there, crafting the trap, waiting for someone. The waits are long, very long! But when the time comes, oh boy, it is always well worth it!

Today's unfortunate rares hunter is called Apollo. He came, spotted something inside the crate, and the adrenaline rush was just uncontrollable! He opened the crate! BOOOOOM!!! Darkness all around! What happened?! No time to think! His alt came promptly for ressing the unfortunate rares hunter, but as they say, troubles never come alone! And in the shadows, our murderer Prince was lurking, waiting for the time to deliver her blow!

Apollo came to find a bone container, and well, one can tell he found one. Two in fact! Too bad they could not be picked up and decayed after some minutes! Maybe next time!


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