Another Bone Container?

O to be a rares hunter!

But, don't these rares hunters know hunting without a permit is becoming every day more dangerous?

They are rich, filthy rich, and yet they refuse to buy a permit? I don't get it. And some of these are also veteran players, that should really serve as a guide and example for new generations of UOSA players. But no, they choose illegality.

They choose invisrecalling by night, instead of permitting by day (semiquote).

They choose subversion, instead of legitimity.

This cannot be accepted, and it is not in fact accepted.

This great tale of adventure starts again in the bone container room at dungeon Covetous. There is our assassin, hidden in the dark, a shadow among shadows.

Waiting. Waiting is the soft skill an assassin must have in order to ensure a kill on these elusive targets. The waiting and the knowledge of his victims habits. When they do the rounds, where do they recall, how they try to escape. Everything must be planned ahead, and there is always a plan A and a plan B.

This time the waiting produced great results!

The renowned rares dealer Grogor shows up. He takes one careless step, he waits one carless second, and then, it's already too late!

Prince bolts out of the shadows for a charged hit. The recall is interrupted, but not the invis item. Then the waiting. 1 second, 2 seconds, 3 seconds, who will take the first move? And then all of a sudden he comes out to run and recall, but the charged hit is too swift, recall is interrupted and invis broken, and then it's done.

The illegal activity is stopped and books are confiscated, for the joy of everyone that chooses legality over criminal behaviours.

Out of BJV enormous magnanimity, the books will be available to be redeemed by the offender by purchasing a rares hunting permit and by paying a fine that consists in a bone container, to be delivered at BJV castle.

Justice was done again, and thank to BJV and UOSA can live happily ever after.


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