How do you define domination?

Is it when they donate you solid gold (silver in fact) spontaneously as they recognize your superiority, pretty much like people used to do in the past, donating goods to the Gods?

Or is it when they make tedious work for you, in exchange for immunity, even temporary immunity?

Or is it when they farm in the most stranded places of the server (Hedge Maze, can you believe that?!) just to try to evade your ever watching eyes? But yet they are found and scared away?

Or is it when they give up, resign, and move to other shards (with coloured pixels, biased staff, teddy bear rulesets) only to evade you and experience once again freedom, even if only in a virtual game?

So is all this domination? Is this peace, the way Romans used to intend it (peace is when enemies are defeated)?

BJV mission is domination. And I believe, as GM of this incredible guild and people that we have achieved it.

Long live BJV.


There is still room to prove us wrong of course, but it will be hard to do it on a real shard with no help from staff, just players against players. Come prove us wrong. Or stand defeated.


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