I Fought The Law and...

A cold and frosty morning,

There's not a lot to say,

About the things cought in my mind...

Hear ye! Hear ye!

This is how BJV latest great idea begins!

The idea is to place an operative at the main bank of Britannia, to inform everyone, expecially new players, that there are key information they should know to join UOSA community, enjoy the game fully and make contact with friends.

Agent Sting begins his duty.

It won't pass long before someone notices him. At first a curious newbie or two come near him trying to speak to him. Be he is on a strict duty, and he has no time for distractions. These newbies have for sure understood by Sting words the importance of forums, discord and the means to reach the community.

All is going well when something happens. Somebody less friendly appears. It all begins with rude insults. Then animals were tamed to surround Sting, with the name of 'no spam'. Then Sting is attacked. Then his body is trashed by somebody who claims everytime that he has UOSA at heart... But the mission won't stop. Then soon the offenders become more and more. Until, I'm sure after a dozen of reports, something was posted in general chat.

Soon after, what was spoken by agent Sting, that should be written on every bank's plaque, yelled by every towncryer, and more important, written in the welcoming message of UOSA, is soon muted! The thought police strickes again, and Sting finds himself 'squelched'!

Sting is true to his mission and stands there, even with the tape on his lips.

But apparently, people were still not done with him. Harassment went on, and murder counts soon began to accumulate.

Some made better calculation than others apparently.

While taking a break, Sting ears intercepted the following conversation...

Orlof, is a newbie that killed Sting several times... but back to the conversation.

Agent Sting, impassable, proceded to send information to BJV headquarters where our chess GM Bobby Fischer proceeded in quickly checkmating Morpheous, with a queen sacrifice in great Paul Morphy style. In a blink of an eye he was at Bux bank, where Orlof, the newbie, was there, a murderer!

It was not long before justice yet again prevailed! This time with a BJV advertisment as a dessert.

All's well that ends well.

Orlof ressed (who knows if in stats or not...) and donated his newbie clothes to BJV.

I fought the law and...


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