Keep the distance

It is 2022. How is it possible that people still has not learned to keep the distance? Covid, folks... covid hit UOSA! And BJV have evidence of it!

After a very quiet April, with only returning player WarmApplePie (WAP) messing around, BJV were really relaxed in their cozy town. But for some reason this supposed PK, out of boredom, decided to mess with BJV, who, being perma afk, couldn't care less, as always.

One night however, when operative Morpheus and Indian were on a mission at north plains stables, the occasion popped out of nowhere.

A newly placed patio was near the stables, and ThxforUrPet was inside. Then, why not trying the oldest trick on earth and telekinesis the side door? Left open...

Rest is history everyone can write by themselves, but for our readers, let's say that the sweet spot was found and soon after the supposed PK was lying on the ground.

But there was a surprise! Next to him, the corpse of CoronaVirus also showed up!

The two were abreast, and in 2022 this is something you know you shoulnd't do! Keep the distance, wear the mask (tribal / orc mask will do for UOSA) and take care of personal hygene.

Covid hit UOSA, and this is sad news to hear.

A pray for WAP, and a warning. Wear masks when you meet BJV, and keep the distance!



Clean your steps WAP!

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