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RFC and the Battle for Lord British Treasure at sea!

It all begins like this, with the Russian Fishing Company (RFC) intercepting intel about Lord British Treasure to be transported to Britain. The RFC gets in possession of this intel and promptly plunders the treasure ship. Now it is time for them to carry it home, but a leak in the internal security of RFC made the route public. Route and day of departure.

At the expected time the RFC sets sail, but was promptly interecepted by an Rt$ crew.

Rt$ managed to stop RFC and started boarding, to quickly dispatch the three comrades.

Out of nowhere came deep sea serpents but Rt$ quickly sent back into the depths of the ocean, securing the trasure boat... for now.

And the BJV crew? With the lack of their experienced pirate Jackphil, they still were trying to figure out how to actually sail a boat. When they came near the action the treasure ship was already taken, but the battle with Rt$ started, and it was a loss for the BJV crew, less experienced at naval warfare.

Retired pirate Arsen, Coolguy, Merlin and VonStrangle (seasick, and for the first time at sea) perished in the battle.

After a quick recollecting of forces and senses, a small revenge was obtained by BJV crew, that managed to slay the sea dog Aequitas and his companion Evangeline.

But it was too late, and the treasure ship was last seen sailing towards Buc's Den where Rt$ collected the treasure. Rumor has it Lord British, impressed for the deeds at sea, let Rt$ keep his treasure that again, rumor has it contained Lord British personal hanging armour set, various MIBs and several high end weapons!

Congratulation to Khirsah, for having put in place such a cool event!

Congratulation to Rt$ for having successfully taken the ship!

Congratulation to BJV, for having participated with players that never sailed a ship at a piracy event!

For more reference, forum post of the event is found here:


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