The Stablemasters War

It was a cold winter night at BJV Castle when Leela, our assasin tamer recalled to Serpent's Hold west stable to refresh her pure nightmares, only to find that Mitzi, the trustworthy stablemaster was gone. A few hours passed and soon things were clear. Mitzi has been kidnapped! By whom, we couldn't tell.

Soon after, authorities have been informed of the illegal activity and Mitzi returned to her stable.

But the offenders weren't done yet!

Mitzi was once again kidnapped.

This time during a T2A map scout of stranded farming or hiding spots, our operative Prince found Mitzi, left alone on a boat at Kos Heb east!

Prince found out that with a simple command Mitzi was rescued and she returned safe and sound to her stable, to tend to Leela's pures.

But the plot is yet to thicken.

A few days ago, Marlene from Skara Brae was kidnapped. This stablemaster was taking care of 80 of BJV finest white wyrms that were used for resist training sessions. As always, we paged authorities, but this time they decided to not intervene, saying that they shoudn't meddle with players affair. In fact, stablemasters kidnap was dubbed legal.

Our spies found out that Trammel Allinance had been ghosting stables to find those used by BJV and when the time came, they kidnapped the stablemaster. I must admit, this is an ingenious plan. But then you have to deal with the consequences.

After the kidnap has been declared legal, you can easily guess what happened.

Our agents procedeed to kidnap all stablemasters, to start the great wipeout project!

One by one, Britain west stablemasters were abducted!

But BJV weren't done yet.

Serpent's Hold stablemaster was also kidnapped, with joint efforts of several operatives!

Then it was the turn of Skara Brae lonely stablemaster.

Could BJV leave Trinsic east west stablemasters untouched? I guess no.

What about Minoc? You have 4 stablemasters there! For those, given the number, we also received help from a retired Wizard, using his mastery in the arts of Ultima Online.

After this something happened, of course, as vastly anticipated by our leading authorities. From the first kidnap, BJV was totally against this, dimming it absolutely silly and against any common sense. As always we brought it to the extreme to show how this is completely silly.

Authorities contacted our leader, asking for some tests on the original UO T2A beta.

Our leader together with Anarcho conducted extensive researches and discovered that no such thing could have been possible in this era.

Given this fact, it was a matter of minutes before the announcement was made on UOSA general chat.

As you can see, one of the Trammel Alliance leader soon felt the need to accuse the absolute impartial GM of UOSA of an allegiance with BJV. This is simply beyond ridiculousness, but it well pictures Trammel Alliance behaviour and feelings.

Things were further made clear, only to raise more rivers of tears from the Trammel Alliance.

Once again justice was made on UOSA, and all stablemasters happily returned to their homes, having the leader of BJV tested it personally with Anarcho on the T2A beta test shard that kidnapping a stablemaster was not possible during second age era.

Another victory for BJV, anothe victory for era accuracy, and another sad page in the Trammel Alliance history!

As a side note. BJV is of course in possess of the name of the mastermind behind this plan. My belief is that his Ultima Online days will not be the same from now on, and a water proof keyboard will be needed soon!


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