This is what you'll get...

Karma Police, arrest this man!

There was a time when this man and BJV were enemies but still respected each others.

There was a time when he would ask BJV to return looted runebooks off players to them, and BJV always returned them with no hesitation.

There was a time when he would ask for a lockpick kit (apparently hard to come by on UOSA) and BJV would lend him

Then something must have changed.

Hatred in him towards BJV grew.

He elected himself as one of the thinking heads of the Trammel Alliance, a group of guilds that are supposed to joint efforts in fighting BJV.

Trammel Alliance sole purpose is to oppose BJV. One can tell they all hate each others, but they hate BJV more. And more important, they fail to realize that without BJV they'd have no reason to play at all.

That being said, lets get back to the mad man.

A quality of a leader, or of a coordinator of people is to plan ahead, evaluate a move and evaluate consequences.

This genious developed the plan (plan... a single action) of stealing a stablemaster holding 80 of BJV's white wyrms. You already came to know what happened to all other sablemasters in the previous post, and to the fact that a fix to the situation in the name of era accuracy was implemented.

First slap.

Now let's move forward.

Most of the so called players of the Trammel Alliance rely on some things to live their UO life safe. First, always go around Incognito (and in general go around very little!); second, most important, never give away the house location!

But they underestimated BJV intelligence network!

It was a matter of time before the mad man house was found, and this is only the beginning!

'This is what you'll get...' we titled the post.

'This is what you'll get when you mess with us!' is the whole line!

His house was camped (no sign of him, only discord not to risk anything!)

His house was then trashed, while the little bully was hiding in a corner.

Suddenly, his tears move BJV hearts and pets were brought to soothe his pain! I think they call it pet therapy.

Is this over? Only time will tell, but BJV piece advice is, don't make the first move, unless you are unable to calculate all the consequences!


I wish I could say no Ians were abused during the course of events, but this is not true.

One thing is sure on UOSA. Ian will be there, and he will be useless!


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