19/02/22 Red pot, GM weaps turney at BJV Tower!

Hello everyone!

Here's the resume of this event, organized in great style, as always BJV does!

Gates permanently open at WBB and Bux.

UOSA GM Anarcho advertising on discord and in game.

Newhate streaming.

Great prizes!

Tournament is held at BJV Tower, north of BJV Castle, where a duelling field circled by large forges (courtesy of z4k sloppy carpet bombing) and a rune library is set up.

Rules are, red pots only, GM weapons only, no dp.

Here are the duellers:

  1. Maalik, a BJV murderer

  2. Coolguy, a new face to UOSA, in trial at BJV

  3. bytheway, another new face to UOSA, very cool spanish hombre

  4. Sergei, of the russian federation

  5. Augustus, z4k's dueller of Rt$

  6. Kontraux, Jarmin's dueller of Rt$

  7. Ian, you know him

  8. Merlin, a BJV murderer

The quarter finals proceed very quickly, with Coolguy of BJV beating Ian.

Then it was the turn of Maalik against Kontraux, with the second prevailing.

Sergei against bytheway, with the spanish prevailing against the russian fighter.

Last but not least a fierce duel between Augustus and Merlin, with Merlin winning in the end.

Time to reach the semifinals where we have two kids duelling: Coolguy against Kontraux.

The fight is long, very long, with Kontraux missing the winning blow several times and Coolguy surprising everyone with his great defensive skills. But in the end Kontraux prevailed!

The second semifinal sees the surprise bytheway against Merlin.

The fight is one sided with Merlin winning the duel.

Time for the third place final between the two UOSA new faces.

Again thanks to Coolguy defensive abilities the duel goes on for a long time, until with is old style katana, bytheway finally prevails.

The final is a fight between Rt$ with Kontraux and BJV with Merlin. Two of the best duellers on UOSA.

The fight won't last long, surprisingly, with Merlin winning against Kontraux, awarding himself of the first place in the tournament, even with his small baby screaming in the room!

Surprisingly enough, this time Merlin had enough spider silk to complete the tournament!

Merlin BJV wins first place, consisting in a full official jester uniform, together with an insured pure mare, a hally of vanquishing +10 and an eagle trophy shadow iron hued labelled with the event references.

Kontraux Rt$ wins second place, consisting in a full official jester uniform and a small deed.

bytheway wins third place, consisting in a full official jester uniform and a BJV Privateer.

Since the big prize remained in BJV, we decided to award it to the best honourable mention of the tournament, that is bytheway. For his positive attitude towards UOSA and for contributing actively to develop a community on the shard in a positive way.

Not to mention the fact that he also recorded the whole event, including the final duel, that you can find in the link below!


Thank you everyone for coming!

We #makeuosagreatagain



Arsen could not take part, being injured! We asked for his neon pink throne, but he had to stand for the whole event... poor ole Arsen!

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