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Blessed Jesters of Vintirex

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Dungeon of the Day

BJV neverending player run event

Dungeon of the Day is a permanent event brought each day live by BJV on UOSA. At server up, a new DotD is selected. To take part to it, you have to purchase a full jester suit and an elite half apron at BJV Official Store. Recall to the rune on the front door to find which is  the DotD. In correct attire and attitude, you can farm DotD free from BJV, with a small chance of silver on killed mob. Remember that the black parts can be purchased once, while the elite half apron must be purchased each day. We are waiting for you at our Official Store, and thank you for praising the Jesters!

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Dungeon of the Day Event

Hello everyone! BJV are glad to announce that, as anticipated, starting on March 1st 2022, the event Dungeon of the Day begins! Each day, at server up, a dungeon will be picked to be the dungeon of the day. You will find rune to that dungeon at BJV castle. The dungeon of the day will stay fixed until server down, where it will then rotate to a new dungeon upon server restart. Inside the dungeon of the day there will be no BJV interference, so people will be free to perform al

Some Action at WBB

A quiet morning in UOSA is never really a quiet morning. Our internal intelligence reported activities illegally conducted by new players. New player immediately triggered the idea of a great adventure at graveyards. Operative Indian was soon sent on a mission to gather information, that were promptly found. Corpses at Britain graveyard. Our forensic eval expert soon realized the corpses were disturbed by Christo, that is known for being based at the main bank of Britannia. I

19/02/22 Red pot, GM weaps turney at BJV Tower!

Hello everyone! Here's the resume of this event, organized in great style, as always BJV does! Gates permanently open at WBB and Bux. UOSA GM Anarcho advertising on discord and in game. Newhate streaming. Great prizes! Tournament is held at BJV Tower, north of BJV Castle, where a duelling field circled by large forges (courtesy of z4k sloppy carpet bombing) and a rune library is set up. Rules are, red pots only, GM weapons only, no dp. Here are the duellers: Maalik, a BJV mur

No Permit? Goods confiscated!

This great tale of adventure starts at sea. But it is not about a fisherman, it is about a miner! A miner with no permit, particularily. Her name is someone with luv. AKA someone without permit! This miner mines the northern side of the North Mines, on a boat. It is a long coastal mountain, going East-West that is a very popular mining spot for those who do not want to be found. BJV tried to enforce the law in several occasions, but mining activities never stopped! So we trie

House locks

It is of vital importance to have house doors always locked. Luckily for him, BJV is the greatest guild you can possibly find in this situation. We are pks, so his chars died, but no loot was touched, as we are not petty thieves! For his generosity in leaving the house doors unlocked, he received an official black jester hat and a book with a warning and a reminder, in order to #makeuosagreatagain. Long live BJV! PKBS

The rescuing of Comet

During the Winter Event, some of Santa's reindeers were kidnapped by evil elves, and held prisoner in the bottom level of Deceit. Evil elves made sure Deceit was invaded by them and their allies; they also made sure that recalling inside was not possible, and gating also wasn't possible. So how do you save poor Comet, returning it to town safely? We had this poor reindeer, surrounded by silver serpents and lich lords, in the Lich Lord room of Deceit. Several attempts were mad

BJV 408 Alliance!

We will have fun together with this new experience! Everyone can now fully live the great tales of adventure provided by BJV & 408 on Ultima Online Second Age, Thank you everyone! #makeuosagreatagain PKBS


The Permit System

Buy permits to perform activities legally on UOSA!

BJV is selling permits for various activities: farming, lockpicking, taming, fishing, mining and other custom activities. By purchasing such permits you will be free to perform the mentioned activity, without having to worry about BJV killing or hindering you. Permit trade is performed in game from player to player, normally at BJV Castle.

You can purchase a permit if you meet us in game, or contacting members via discord, or preferrably using the web page request here below.

Here are standard tarifs:

Daily farming permit (ONE SMALL DEED)

Weekly farming permit (ONE PATIO DEED)

Monthly farming permit (ONE TOWER DEED)

Weekly lockpicking/fishing/taming/mining permit (ONE SMALL DEED)

For further information, please contact us.

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Contact us

UOSA Shard, Castle at BJV Town, east of Ice Dungeon entrance.

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