Dungeon of the Day Event

Hello everyone!

BJV are glad to announce that, as anticipated, starting on March 1st 2022, the event Dungeon of the Day begins!

Each day, at server up, a dungeon will be picked to be the dungeon of the day.

You will find rune to that dungeon at BJV castle.

The dungeon of the day will stay fixed until server down, where it will then rotate to a new dungeon upon server restart.

Inside the dungeon of the day there will be no BJV interference, so people will be free to perform all the activities they like to. Since this is an Event with the capitol E, there is a small chance of silver drop on mob.

To take part to the event you will need to buy and wear a full jester uniform at BJV store. This is the only rule. Do not go for counterfeit clothes, buy the official ones on our stores, please.

The event is meant to be permanent. And BJV aims to advertise it in every possible way, that is discord reminder, forum posts, this blog, and BJV towncryers, that you have recently come to know in our previous tale of adventure!

We are eager to see you in action and I'm sure BJV will #makeuosagreatagain!


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