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No Permit? Goods confiscated!

This great tale of adventure starts at sea. But it is not about a fisherman, it is about a miner! A miner with no permit, particularily.

Her name is someone with luv. AKA someone without permit!

This miner mines the northern side of the North Mines, on a boat. It is a long coastal mountain, going East-West that is a very popular mining spot for those who do not want to be found. BJV tried to enforce the law in several occasions, but mining activities never stopped! So we tried a different approach; as always, where force will not do it, wit will.

We studied the ship route, that given the coastal mountain layout it's very, very, very predictable. We then planted spies along the route to monitor the ship location in order to know exactly where and when to hit! And when the time came, BJV hit!

The ship was boarded by our murderer Jackphil, who quickly stopped the illegal mining activities. One day, I promise, I will put spirit speak on one of my pks, because I feel that the rage rants of some people would be well worth it! For the audience at least!

The ship was conducted at BJV docks, where all goods were confiscated, the hatch and plank cleared and the ship acquired to enlarge our privateers fleet.

Another great day for UOSA, with law enforced and illegally acquired good confiscated, to really #makeuosagreatagain!


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