Some Action at WBB

A quiet morning in UOSA is never really a quiet morning.

Our internal intelligence reported activities illegally conducted by new players. New player immediately triggered the idea of a great adventure at graveyards.

Operative Indian was soon sent on a mission to gather information, that were promptly found. Corpses at Britain graveyard. Our forensic eval expert soon realized the corpses were disturbed by Christo, that is known for being based at the main bank of Britannia.

Indian went on investigating in stealth mode.

By mere coincidence a magic hally was found on the ground. This is very impolite, and the thing immediately was followed by a detect hidden near the hally, revealing the offender, the renowned lockpicker and treasure hunter Coriolanus, on his light blue frenzy.

Operations began and in a blink of an eye, our disguised agent BUY BJV PERMIT was soon throwing purps at Coriolanus, now left alone at the bank with all NPCs around him enticed away by our bard Noel.

Fun is not over until is over, and the new player Christo finally showed up to attack BUY BJV PERMIT who defended himself and justice was finally done!

In the meantime, the action was permanently watched by Anne who luckily escaped an EV naked on foot! Anne is a well known naughty girl of whom we will soon have a tale of adventure!

The frenzy was then enticed away to BJV castle by Noel.

Another great tale of adventure, that will #makeuosagreatagain!



Coriolanus was purped against BJV GM will, who had ordered him to be killed with EV. But this is another story, that will be told later.

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