The rescuing of Comet

During the Winter Event, some of Santa's reindeers were kidnapped by evil elves, and held prisoner in the bottom level of Deceit. Evil elves made sure Deceit was invaded by them and their allies; they also made sure that recalling inside was not possible, and gating also wasn't possible. So how do you save poor Comet, returning it to town safely?

We had this poor reindeer, surrounded by silver serpents and lich lords, in the Lich Lord room of Deceit. Several attempts were made by players, trying to force the way thru the dungeon with armies of dragons, but they all failed.

But do not despair Santa, here comes BJV, with their innate wits to solve problems.

The question is: how do you deal with such a hard situation where you cannot recall in nor gate out, and an insane spawn is all over the place? Simple; by recalling in and gating out.

So here comes the stealther, making his way to Comet, that has been spotted with tracking skill. Then it's time to stealth herd Comet to a safe location. Tame it. And gate out to safety! 15 minutes total time and as always BJV style, with wits rather than force.

And out of enormous magnanimity of BJV, the reindeer was set free in Britain, where everyone who responded to the discord call could come happily to loot the prizes!

Another great victory for BJV, to #makeuosagreatagain!


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